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Message from the Chair, Jennifer Bartlett, May 2015

Welcome to the latest newsletter bringing you updates on the fantastic program and networking opportunities on offer for Public Relations division members at the San Juan Conference. Our Vice Chair Chiara Valentini has done an amazing job in getting reviews done and putting together a great program for us as you will see in this newsletter. We will welcome the new Vice Chair, Katerina Tsetsura to the Committee at the end of the conference this year.
Among the more social aspects of the program are the PR dinner, the reception and the business meeting. I wanted to preempt a few of the items on the business meeting agenda to be held on Friday 22 May and subsequent elections in September/October.
Firstly, at the meeting we will take nominations for a new secretary to replace Lee Edwards who has been so active in keeping the ICA PR community connected (thank you Lee!). The election will take place in September 2015 and the elected officer will start his/her two year term after the Fukuoka (Japan) conference in June 2016. Members who are not able to attend the Puerto Rico conference and would like either to be considered or nominate someone for the position should email a statement of intent to Chiara Valentini ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with the following information by May 15, 2015: (1) nominee’s name and institutional affiliation; (2) nominee’s short bio, and (3) if not a self-nomination but a nomination of another member, an email stating that the nominee is willing to be considered. If you have questions about the role, please contact Lee Edwards directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will be happy to discuss it with you.
Secondly, we will discuss the role of the Student member on the committee. Alice Srugies was elected during last year’s meeting and has been active throughout the year. The Student member is a new role on ICA committees and there are various models across the Association. However, the intent is to support the next generation of scholars coming into the division so the role is open to both PHD students and early career academics. I propose this as an item of discussion for this year’s meeting with a view to making the role an official committee position subject to the membership vote in 2016.
Thirdly, we will discuss the matter of division income. I urge all members to vote for increasing the amount of membership fees coming back to the division. This will not cost anyone extra, it just means changing our constitution so more of your dues come back directly to the division for hosting member activities. This vote will also be on the ballot in September/October.
We also need to discuss setting up a taskforce to raise money for the Bob Heath Top Paper award as well as the Grunig & Grunig Outstanding Thesis awards. These awards can only continue with your support. You can already contribute by making a donation to the funds, however small, via the link on this page on the ICA site. Donations can be as little as $5 and can be made at any time. Please show your support so that we can continue to reward first-class work and also to consider ways we can build these funds.

All the best! I look forward to seeing you in San Juan.
Jennifer Bartlett
Chair, ICA Public Relations Division

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