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Message from the new Vice-Chair, Chiara Valentini (September, 2013)


Dear colleagues,

I’m honored and enthusiastic to be the 2014-2015 Vice-Chair of the ICA Public Relations Division and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kind support and for trusting me for such important position at our division.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few years both from our past Chair, Juan Carlos Molleda, and our current one, Jennifer Bartlett, whom I’d like to thank warmly. I plan to continue the effective performance of my predecessors who are highly devoted and caring about the future of our division. I’m also confident that these two years will be productive because I count on two hard-working and committed colleagues: Jennifer Bartlett as Chair and Friederike Schultz as Secretary. Friederike will be replaced by another soon-to-be elected officer in 2014. We have two great nominees, Erich Sommerfeldt from the University of Maryland (USA) and Lee Edwards from the University of Leeds (UK). Nominees will be voted in a couple of months.

The London’s conference was a success in terms of attendance and outstanding paper, pre and post conference panel, and poster sessions. We are already initiating some work for next year conference in Seattle, Washington, USA, which will take place on May 22-26, 2014 (mark your calendar). We will implement a new system to recruit reviewers for paper, panel and poster sections and we hope to count on many of you for this important and honorable service. More information on this will be sent out soon.

We hope you also start your research plans to produce quality submissions and, most importantly, to be present in 2014. One of the initiatives I would like to help further develop is boosting interdisciplinary in the conference program and cooperations among scholars across the world. I believe that an increased intellectual exchange with other fields of research can greatly enrich the public relations body of knowledge. ICA has introduced a new section format called International Research Meeting. ICA believes in international research collaborations and this new section format is clearly an indication of ICA supporting members in preparing and managing international research collaborations. More information on this and other initiatives will be announced in the coming months.

Beside this website (http://www.icapr.org/) which is our repository for the newsletters and business minutes, we have a Facebook page “International Communication Association, Public Relations Division” where members and Public Relations friends can discuss and share ideas. The Facebook page can be used to post local, regional, national and international initiatives, but also fun-staff and important moments. Please consider to join us in Facebook too. Yet, members who would like to share important information in Facebook can do so, but they should remember that not all our division members are in Facebook, so in order to reach everyone they should send an email to Friederike who will then distribute it via the mailing list.

Jennifer and Friederike have already initiated a consultation with our doctoral students to investigate more on their needs as new PRD members and we hope to be able to offer more specific activities for our students already from next conference. If you have ideas and suggestions, please send an email to Friederike. Friederike will collect also any other comment, recommendation or suggestion on the conference planning, format etc. that you may have. We will try our best to meet your expectations for next conference.

I hope to see many of you at next ICA conference.

Best wishes,

Chiara Valentini

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